Last week I posted some comments on what distinguishes an exceptional album.
In doing so, I realized it was high time I share with you images of our own albums.

First up is the standard Signature Heirloom Album. This album starts out at 8×10 and includes, at minimum, 50 images. Genuine leather cover and a line of imprinted text on the front come standard with this album.

This smaller size of album makes it perfect for those smaller celebrations…whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary or the birth of a child. The 50 image size also works nicely for shorter weddings with fewer guests and less hooplah. Nicki and Marion’s winter wedding story was just that—small, intimate and personal—and our standard Signature Heirloom Album was the perfect platform to preserve it for generations to come.

Nicki and Marion Signature Heirloom Album Specs:
Images and Design by: Sarah Parisi/Parisi Images
Printed and Bound by: Leather Craftsmen, Farmingdale New York
Size: 8×10 inch, square
Album Style: Flush Mount
Total Number of Pages: 29
Total Number of Images: 50
Cover Material: Genuine Euro Leather
Cover Color: Ivory
Imprint Font: Block
Imprint Color: Black

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