Every Tuesday evening for the past three years, I’ve gathered with a group of girls. We share stories from our week. We share dinner. We share our hopes for the future. And, most importantly, we share life.

The group is centered around our values, namely those of living for and following Jesus. We help hold each other accountable in this area, to encourage one another in the pursuit of a Christian life.

Last night, these girls modeled our values to me in such a powerful and tangible way. Responding to the news of some financial challenges facing my growing family, they banded together and gifted us with an entire month’s worth of groceries. An entire month’s… and then some!

More than the groceries, it was the selfless generosity they modeled to me that moved me to tears. It is their active living of our values and our intentions that endears me to hold tight to these treasured friendships.

It just so happens that today was when I planned to share the newly minted core values for Parisi Images. In reality, these values have been years in the making and are only now being shared in any type of public declaration. As Parisi Images faces some big and exciting changes in 2018 (more to come on that soon!), this publication is meant to act as a cornerstone. A place of accountability and promise. With values as ambitious as these, we know we won’t always be living our values 100% of the time. But we are committed to the process of growing in these areas and focusing on them as benchmarks of who we are and who we want to be.

With gratitude, we recognize the gifts we’ve received and choose to respond with generosity. We recognize that this choice requires vulnerability, risk and expectation. We lean into the process of uncovering the unique gifts we have to offer our clients and to the world and support our clients in discovering the same.  We aim to die empty.

We make space for you and your story to reveal itself as you share with us your histories and your dreams. We walk with you and for you. There is always time for coffe­e.

We are honest and transparent. We value boundaries and believe well-chosen boundaries allow trust to develop. We respect our own boundaries as much as those of our clients and respect the value we offer our clients.

We believe in the abundant life and fight fiercely for joy – for that place of knowing that we are living out of our gifts in their fullest form.  We believe that in living these values we can expect and anticipate joy, not only for ourselves but for others as well. We champion for your success and celebrate the small wins. We laugh.

We believe the stories of our past and our futures matter. That where we came from is as important as where we are going. We honor place. And rootedness. And the day-to-day work required of us to cultivate the next chapter.