• Holiday Inn West Chester Ohio Birthday Party

    I love photography for its ability to invite me into family celebrations that remind me of our joint humanity, and of our universal pursuit of legacy and life of meaning.

    Har’s birthday party was a a special occasion–for him, his family and his friends. Not one to celebrate himself, his daughter decided to host a “surprise” party for her beloved father. Held in the banquet hall of one of Har’s hotels, the evening was a spectacular reminder that a life-well lived is a life lived in relationship.

    Most striking was the presence of several college buddies–friends that have been a part of Har’s life for nearly 50 years! First meeting while at university in India, these group of friends offered toasts that were decades in the making! From these beloved friends, I heard story after story of Har’s hard-working attitude, his generosity to his family and his compassionate management with his staff. I couldn’t help but think that what a wonderful gift for Har to hear these words from his friends–to hear the affirmation of a life well-loved. So often, we wait to say these meaningful words only after someone has left this life.

    So, in the midst of capturing beautiful setting (look at that ceiling drapery!), the beauty of these images is truly the people. I’m grateful to have witnessed this celebration and wish the happiest of birthdays to one loved gentleman.

    Venue: Holiday Inn West Chester, Ohio

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