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You already know that relying on a library of generic, seen-it-before, hit-the-snooze button stock imagery isn't capturing the attention of your audience.

And, it's no surprise that stock photography doesn't do much to win market share, attract new talent, or activate company culture.

When you're ready for a better option:

Secretly, you know your marketing efforts could be so much better if only you had a library of natural, on-brand images that feature your actual people enjoying their actual work.

→ But the last time you hired a professional to capture pictures of your people you all looked stiff, unnatural, and staged (not to mention, the experience was filled with anxiety for just about, well, everyone).


→ And crowd-sourcing images from a handful of employees who claim to “enjoy taking pictures for fun” gives you one, maybe two, “usable” images (if you’re lucky).


→ Worse yet: the C-suite thinks “because you’re marketing” you should be able to take a decent photo (umm, the last time you used a “real camera” was, like, never)

So, you continue to rely on your run-of-the-mill stock subscription and the ten decent images cobbled together over the same number of years from your in-house “photographer.”
20201208_New Build Brand Story_083.jpg

It’s time to work with a photographer who actually understands marketing, knows branding, and partners with you to design, develop and execute a brand photoshoot that highlights your people and your company culture.


A website that doesn’t look like everyone else’s because it puts your people front and center (and no one can replicate your amazing team).

Delivering a library of on-brand images to your graphic designer when she (inevitably) asks “So… do you have any pictures I can use on this one-pager?”

Hiring fresh, fits-right-in talent (and your next #workbestie) because candidates can picture themselves, literally, at your organization.

Executing that perfected content calendar of yours because you have pictures to pair with your thoughtfully crafted stories.

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90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.¹

Maximize your share of that 90% with imagery that actually improves comprehension, triggers emotion, and motivates your audience.

  • In tests that compared the use of a “real” photo vs. that of top-performing stock images, readers were 35% more likely to complete the call-to-action when the “real” photo was displayed.²

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 meaning least effective and 10 meaning most effective), stock images stand at a level of 5.76 for communicating what a brand stands for. In contrast, original images ranked significantly higher at 9.33 out of 10 for effectively communicating a brand’s core values.³

  • Popular stock images can be resold several times over and used in multiple campaigns by multiple companies – even your direct competitors. (Psst: you might just recognize the “Everywhere Girl.”)

Company Culture Brand Photography Sessions

Four power-packed hours thoughtfully designed and executed to kick-start your library of fully custom, stock-like images that feature your actual people in a natural, fun, relatable (but still professional) sort of way.


 Photography plus marketing plus branding.

What I do and how I do it isn’t just happy happenstance.

 It’s a deliberate culmination of my nearly decade-and-a-half experience inside the world of marketing and branding. With tenure at corporate, non-profit, government, and agency entities, I carry a 360° view of how imagery builds brands and shapes company culture into every shoot.

In layman’s terms: I make sure your images will work hard for you (and not just take up coveted space on your hard drive).


Other photographers will show up and shoot according to your shot list, no questions asked. I'm not that photographer.

In fact, I won’t even show up for your shoot until we’ve had plenty of conversations (and an in-person planning session) that guarantee we both know not only what we plan to capture but why.

Strategy first. Partnership always.




Work through our Brand Questionnaire to identify the specific photos you need and to clarify the best story (or stories!) to photograph.



Confirm shoot logistics and create custom, story-telling images that feature your people, place, and purpose.



Receive and upload final images to your website and social media and get ready to connect with your audience as they respond to your elevated brand imagery.



Together, we translate your big ideas into visually compelling storylines that answer the questions: Who are you? and How do you serve?


Video-conferencing aside, there’s nothing quite like face-to-face interaction to build trust and walk through important logistical details for your shoot.


This multi-page “holy grail” itemizes every who, what, when, where, and why of the shoot and empowers you to walk in 100% confident on big day.


Resources for every question you have – and those you didn’t know to ask –  delivered straight to your inbox. #happyreading!


Plenty of  time to get comfortable in front of the camera but not too much that your models (er, employees) call in the union for overtime.


A robust, starting library of fully edited images ready for immediate use on that new website, social media campaign, or in-office feature wall.


You won’t find usage limits anywhere on my contracts. #scoutshonor


Images stuck on your hard drive are as useless as a cup of decaf for the morning commute. Let’s work together to get your best ones out into the world and working hard for you.

Most clients walk away with their final images in-hand two months after first reaching out.

Relationship-driven. Story-focused.

My imagery is people-centric, bearing witness to the significance within each one of us.


Practically speaking, this means my shoots are low production but high value. I shoot with (mostly) natural/available light; move quickly; and, above all, work hard to make the shoot fun for everyone.

Here are a handful of the types of stories I help my clients tell through custom brand photography:

Inspiration beyond the Pinterest-board.

Team interaction, culture, and comradery for external marketing and internal communications

Client process and success stories for stakeholder reports, customer acquisition, and new market growth

New hire orientation and onboarding experience for human resources and recruitment

Workplace interior design imagery for public relations and “Top Workplaces” award recognition

Executive profiles for thought leadership and personal branding

Company culture imagery to showcase leadership transition.

Executive Talent Recruitment Agency

Executive leadership profiles, team headshots, and an emphasis on the growing cohort of young professionals helps this 30-year-old firm reach new audiences and attract fresh talent.


Versatile social media content for a growing brand.

Real Estate Group

A recent name change and brand refresh called for updated imagery to engage their social media audience.

Psst: hover over the image to see the client's Instagram presence prior to working with Parisi Images.


JLHomeGroup Instagram - After.jpg


Team-centric photography to announce the merger of two local "name brands."

Custom Home Development and Real Estate Team

A growing collection of bright, energetic imagery to showcase the blend of two real estate teams famous for their fun, "work hard, play hard" workplace culture.