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Newsflash: the pandemic is no longer a good excuse for not updating your headshot.

"You don't look like I expected." may be the most cringeworthy, trust-busting way to start a face-to-face meeting.

Headshots during Happy Hour? Yes, please!

Even so, you can't motivate yourself to book a session with a photographer.

→  "I want to lose 15 pounds before the camera adds ten.


→  "Sure, my headshot is five years old but I look basically the same, right?"


→  "I cropped out my partner from a photo at the last wedding we attended. After all, a professional did take it."

→  "I just can't shake the nightmares from school picture day in eighth grade. OMG, my hair!"

... In other words: "Is a headshot reeeeaally that necessary?"

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Because it's 2022 and, like it or not, you have something called a personal brand. And the cornerstone of your online brand is not a logo, a font, or even a resume.
It's your headshot.

The short answer: yes.

From LinkedIn profile to Zoom placeholder.

Casual and inviting professional headshots so you can connect with confidence; pursue that next big lead; or, quite simply, show up as your true self, laugh lines and all.



Most people would rather go to the dentist than stand in front of the lens.

I get it! Let’s all acknowledge that having your photo taken requires vulnerability and confidence.


Your job is 80% trusting the process and 20% just showing up.

My job is 80% helping you feel confident in front of the camera and 20% taking pictures.


Rest assured: I will tell you how to stand; where to look; and what to do with your hands. And yes, I will absolutely fix your fly-aways. #igotyou

*Informal statistic based on tens years of personal inquiry with my own subjects.

Introducing my first ever
Portraits and Pints Happy Hour Headshot Event

Grab a glass of your favorite brew and put your best face forward – on-camera and off –   for an evening of networking, community, and, of course, portraits

4:30 - 6:30 PM

1100 Summit Pl., Blue Ash OH 45242


SCN Headshot Happy Hour - SENATE.jpg

I’ve partnered with some of my #businessbesties from Queen City Charisma of Success Champion Network to join me.

Together, we have connections to some of the most influential business leaders throughout Cincinnati and boast a healthy referral rate.

Translation: it’s basically a guarantee you will meet some amazing business-minded folks who serve with heart and hustle.

Heads up: I expect this event to draw a crowd.

Don't let an old headshot hold you back  from the right first impression.

Every Happy Hour Headshot session includes:


Lifestyle portrait using indoor and outdoor locations  at Senate Blue Ash at Summit Park.



Make sure you have a headshot that will work for Instagram and LinkedIn.



No surprises! Live proofing makes sure you love what we capture before the event is over. 



PDF proofs of every viable image putting you in charge of which photos I finalize.



Delivered in print- and web-ready JPG files edited for color, tone, and expsoure. Light skin retouching included.


cincinnati brand and business photography subscriptions.jpg

Typically, I charge a $450 minimum for everyheadshot session.

But, for this event only, you can snag an individual headshot for just $147.

This is the first time I’ve offered this type of event at this pricing… and I don’t plan to offer this too often (read: once, maaaaaybe twice yearly).

And this is truly the only time you can skip the line AND the $450 shoot minimum while still snagging a casual, fun, looks-like-you professional headshot at my group rates.

BUT…. there are ONLY 12 spots.

Once they’re booked, they’re booked. I won’t be adding more and I don’t plan to do another event until 2023. #scoutshonor

I'll be there!
  • What kind of involvement will you need from me/our team for our shoot to be successful?
    My shoots are very much a done with you type of engagement and I will certainly guide you through every step of the process to ensure a successful shoot. I will need you to lean in with your internal knowledge of your team and culture. I will also need someone from your team available throughout the shoot to approve images, coordinate team members, and assist with the overall flow of the day.
  • Our office doesn’t reflect our current brand or isn’t that photogenic. What do you suggest?
    Aside from your selection of the right photographer, location is the second most critical element to a successful shoot. If your current office space does not demonstrate the company culture or brand you hope to impart (or if it suffers from a lack of natural light), I have a list of 50+ locations to inspire you and work with you to secure the best location for your session.
  • Are business headshots part of the brand session?
    Company Culture Brand Sessions are meant to capture first and foremost lifestyle, candid, slightly scripted imagery of your people interacting. Each session can include up to five headshots with the option to add additional time for additional headshots to your session available. When a large number of team members are involved, a separate shoot may be recommended to capture headshots in a consistent and time-efficient manner.
  • We really just need corporate headshots of our employees and executive leadership. Can you help?
    Yes! In addition to brand photography sessions, I offer headshots on an individual and corporate level.
  • No one in our office is a model and we all hate getting our picture taken. Will these even turn out?
    In over 15 years of working as photographer I have yet to work with a professional model #truestory. Which means every photo you see on my website is of “regular” folks who were just as concerned about their double chin or the ten extra pounds they put on during the pandemic. Hear me when I say this: My job is 80% helping you feel confident in front of the camera and 20% taking pictures. Your job is 80% trusting the process and 20% just showing up. #hereforyou
  • I’m on-board 100% but I need to convince our executive leadership. Can you help?
    As a former marketing professional myself, I am well-versed in building a rock-solid case for the C-suite to review. My proposals come ready to convince the corner office that our work together will not only make your job easier but their business more effective and yes, even more profitable

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure or have more questions?

Send me a note at sarah[at]parisi-images[dot]com. I'll be sure to respond within 48 hours.


I'm here to tell you what no one else will:
it's past time to update that headshot of yours.

Join me for mt first-ever Portraits and Pints Happy Hour Headshot event for access to exclusive group pricing on individual headshots all while networking your way to your next big lead.

I'll be there!
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