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Show, Don't Tell: Custom Brand Photography for Cincinnati Wealth Advisor Hannah Chapman

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Introducing you to my latest girl crush: Hannah Chapman of X2 Wealth Planning. Hannah is unlike any financial planner in all of the best ways. When you’re with her you never once think about yourself in terms of your net worth, but only in terms of your infinitely valuable self-worth. She is down-to-earth, nerdy, smart, gracious, and drives an old minivan. She spins fiber from an antique spinning wheel. And she is not afraid to paint her nails a bright color, show up as her whole self, and is building an amazing business that serves people’s hearts, not just their bank accounts.

I worked with Hannah to create a library of custom brand imagery that speaks to her ability to help women “explore the why beneath their money stories.”

A financial industry veteran, the underpinnings of her brand focuses on creating a safe space for women to share their deepest desires and go after them with joy.

Together, we designed a shoot that incorporated her personal loves (all things plant and an antique spinning wheel, yes, please), to create a library of powerful and memorable brand imagery.

Special thanks to our shoot venues: Fern Cincinnati and CoHatch Mason.

portrait of female wealth advisor surrounded by plants


Hannah’s desire was for her brand to evolve, not take a 180-degree turn. Our work focused on creating images that would work well within the existing website framework, replacing general “placeholder” imagery (from Hannah’s personal archives) with story-specific imagery that communicates who Hannah is and how she emboldens entrepreneurs to build wealth with joy and ease.

Below: Hannah's website using her own photos.

Below: Hannah's refreshed website using custom brand photography.


“What do you get when you have an AMAZING brand photographer??? Images that are absolutely gorgeous, and a better description of my business than I've ever written. Thank you so much, Sarah Dowlin and Parisi Images, for making this whole process beautiful, creative and fun!”

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