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  • Sarah Parisi Dowlin

When is NOW the right time to invest in brand photography?

It’s the middle of the fourth quarter. 47 days go in 2021 and you’ve got the ball. Which play are you going to make? Or, do you hit pause, call a time out and consider your options before letting the clock run out?

I’m NOT a football person (as husband LOL at this understatement of the year); but I am a planner and a strategist. And, I’ve personally found that fourth quarter with days to go until the calendar turns a notch higher is the BEST time to be set down intentions for the upcoming year.

Not January Or “sometime next year…if I get to it.”.

But, now.

But knowing when to invest in brand photography? Not so intuitive, #amiright?!

Invest too early and your images may not accurately reflect your yet-to-be-developed brand. Invest too late and you’ve lost countless sales because would-be clients didn’t know how you were any better than your competition.

In over 15 years of shooting photography for businesses and helping dozens of business owners build a library of story-telling, client-wooing images, I’ve learned to recognize a few tell-tale moments when ROI is HIGH for brand photography.

1. You are in growth mode.

One of the best times to work with a brand photographer is when you are tackling big goals and are dedicated to the process of growth. If you’re in growth mode, you have already nailed down their areas of expertise, built an ongoing referral base, and have demonstrated value in the marketplace But, you’ve started to notice a disconnect in your online presence and how you actually show up to serve your people.

Brand photography is a great investment when you are ready to bridge the gap between clients’ expectations of who you are and what you do with your clients’ experience of you IRL.

2. You are getting ready to launch.

Are you preparing to launch a second career, pivot from the corporate world to private consulting, or launching a dream project? We’ve often seen how the momentum created from strategic brand-centric efforts (like building an on-brand image library) at the start of your project can fast track your success in the marketplace.

Brand photography is a great investment when you are committed to building immediate momentum for your business or brand.

3. You are feeling stuck.

Creating a library of on-brand images is a collaborative, creative experience. Investing in a partnership with a trusted brand photographer can reignite your understanding of who you are, what you do and, most importantly, WHY you do it. Sometimes, it takes another set of eyes (literally!) to sparse out the magic you bring to your clients’ lives.

Brand photography is a great investment when you are ready to clarify your offer, reignite your passion, tap into your creative energy and, SHOW UP (literally) for your clients and your people.

One of my clients put her experience of finding creative energy through a brand photoshoot this way:

“[I] Could never do all of this without the crazy talented and creative @parisiimages and @quinnder. Dream Team. Today was a an absolute ✨dream✨. I’m exhausted, fulfilled, and oh so happy and grateful for this space and these people. My family. My friends.” – Tammy K.

Curious what it might look like to budget for a brand session in 2022? Let’s talk.



(All the answers Alexa can’t give, except for where your three-year-old got her silly dance moves.)

"Is it too braggadocious to have multiple photos of me on my website?"

In a recent conversation with the owner of a catering business she mentioned the recent launch of her new website. The new site includes three photos of her (compared to the old site’s single image of her) and she was concerned that three images of her might appear too bold, too self-centered.

My take on it: if you are a small business owner or solopreneur, your website needs to feature MORE of you, not less. Because, here’s the thing: the #1 reason consumers choose to work with small businesses is because they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST the business owner (or team) – a.k.a. the people (or persons) behind the brand. (Conversely, when was the last time your ordered from Amazon because you just really wanted to support Jeff Bezos? Yeah, I thought so.)

What does this mean for you: it means showing more of your face than you are comfortable with. My rule of thumb: If it feels modest, it’s probably not enough.


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Photo in this post captured for Jackie Barnes Design.


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